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Welcome to MobilityWorks 2.0

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MobilityWorks 2.0: Transforming Transportation and Creating Jobs

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority's (JTA’s) MobilityWorks 2.0 Program is a comprehensive $489,546,000 infrastructure investment program encompassing 17 transformative projects across Jacksonville. This initiative funded by the extension and expansion of the Local Option Gas Tax (LOGT), is expected to generate approximately 1,600 direct jobs and an additional 1,400 indirect and induced jobs, contributing significantly to the city's economic growth and workforce development. MobilityWorks 2.0 is an integral part of the Jobs for JAX Program, which is a collaborative effort between the City of Jacksonville and the JTA focused on improving roadways, drainage systems, and accessibility.

Planning and design for MobilityWorks 2.0 projects began in early 2021, and construction efforts started in 2023. The program represents a long-term commitment to enhancing Jacksonville's transportation infrastructure, with project completion anticipated by 2051.



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MobilityWorks 2.0 prioritizes investments that make transit more accessible and addresses safety concerns. Significant improvements are planned for all modes of transportation, ensuring inclusive accommodations for all user groups. Additionally, the program encompasses iconic projects like the Emerald Trail multi-use trail system and the JTA's Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C), a transformative autonomous transportation network.

Beyond infrastructure upgrades, MobilityWorks 2.0 places significant emphasis on local job creation, workforce development, and growth opportunities for local businesses, including small, minority and women-owned businesses. This commitment stems from City leaders' dedication to ensuring that infrastructure projects positively impact Duval County citizens and maximize community benefits.

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MobilityWorks 2.0 is more than just a construction project; it's an investment in the future of Jacksonville. By creating jobs, improving infrastructure, and enhancing transportation options, the program is building a stronger and more sustainable city for all residents.



Key elements of MobilityWorks 2.0 include:

Roadway and Drainage Improvements:

These upgrades are designed to enhance traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

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Enhanced Accessibility:

The program focuses on making public transportation more accessible for people with disabilities as well as older adults. This includes improving bus stops, adding ramps and elevators, and expanding paratransit services.


Safety Enhancements:

The program is planning intersection improvements, signal upgrades, and pedestrian crosswalk enhancements to create safer conditions for all users.


Iconic Projects:

The Emerald Trail, a 30-mile multi-use trail system connecting neighborhoods and green spaces, and the U2C, a driverless shuttle network serving downtown Jacksonville, are key components of the program.

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LOGT Economic Impact Study

The Economic Impact Study of Local Option Gas Tax Projects for the MobilityWorks 2.0 legislation, commissioned by the JTA and conducted by Dr. Loh from the Coggin College of Business at the University of North Florida in 2021, provides crucial data for understanding the program's economic benefits. This study serves as the foundation for the estimated 2,992 total jobs expected to be generated by projects under MobilityWorks 2.0.

Economic Impact Study

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It is important to note that the total jobs figure encompass the following:

Jobs Breakdown

  • Direct Jobs: Created directly through project construction and operations activities (projected at 1,631).
  • Indirect Jobs: Generated within the broader community through the economic activity stimulated by the program (calculated based on the LOGT Economic Impact Study modeling).
  • Induced Jobs: Additional jobs created within the community as a result of increased spending by workers earning direct and indirect income.


By leveraging the insights provided by the LOGT Economic Impact Study and actively tracking job creation progress, the JTA is committed to maximizing the economic benefits of MobilityWorks 2.0 for the citizens of Jacksonville.

JTA Capital Improvement Plan

The JTA, as a major provider of public capital investment and infrastructure projects, aims to be a “best in class” client for the construction industry and its suppliers. The JTA’s five year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is an implementation plan for the construction, maintenance, and renovation of JTA infrastructure.

Five Year Capital Improvement Plan

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EVENT: Regional Capital Infrastructure Summit

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The Inaugural Event

The JTA hosted its first Regional Capital Infrastructure Summit on October 16, 2023. The hundreds of attendees learned about JTA’s Capital Improvement Plan and MobilityWorks 2.0 program contracting opportunities. Hundreds of professional service providers, construction companies and small businesses across Northeast Florida and beyond attended and connected with JTA leadership, government executives, prime contractors and other business leaders.

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Networking Sessions

Vendors connected during the one on one networking session.

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Mr. Ford talks with attendees at the inaugural RCIS. Vendors and small business owners discussed collaborating on JTA contracting opportunities.