Transit Skyway Conversion to U2C - Neighborhood Extensions

  • Estimated Cost



  • Downtown service expansion of Skyway providing neighborhood Circulators through use of autonomous vehicle network to five key areas:
    1. West Corridor ‐ access to the Riverside and Five Points neighborhoods, as well as the popular Riverside Arts Market and growing Brooklyn neighborhood;
    2. East Corridor ‐ extending eastward along Bay Street, these stations will annex the burgeoning Shipyards district and the popular Sports Complex with the downtown core;
    3. North Corridor ‐ serving the revitalizing historic Springfield area, UF Health Center and VA Outpatient Clinic, the North Corridor would provide more access to integral health‐related resources and services;
    4. South/Medical Complex Corridor ‐ Historic San Marco, which has long been a destination for those seeking a live/work/play location; and
    5. Southbank Corridor ‐ the Southbank Corridor which has some of the greatest growth potential and expanded service will meet the transportation needs of future employees, residents and visitors.

Council District

4, 5, 7